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Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Games can not only provide you with some recommended skill games for you to choose from, such as Xtreme Link, Panda Link and Wild Link, it can also tailor-make exclusive skill game solutions for you to solve all problems in one stop.

Nudge skill games are casual, interactive games that subtly guide players toward optimal strategies or solutions through hints or prompts. They aim to enhance cognitive skills like problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking, making learning and engagement seamless and enjoyable.

Because our customer service implements a shift system, we basically have customer service online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, due to the large number of inquiries, you may have to wait for a while, but we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

In fact, our main business is the development of various game software, and our core competition is our development capabilities. At the same time, we will also accept some skill game customization, planning, guidance, hardware selection and other services.

Our game software will be installed on a game console board. After inspection, we will hand it over to the logistics company for packaging, and then ship it using traditional freight methods.

1. Professional: We have been engaged in the game development industry for nearly 20 years, have a strong development team, and have developed more than 1,000 original games. 2. Strong product competitiveness: Our products are loved by a large number of suppliers. Because they are fun and easy to use, they have also become the favorites of players. 3. Perfect service: No matter pre-sales guidance or after-sales service, we will have dedicated personnel to follow up so that you can get a quick response 4. Price advantage: ex-factory price, no minimum purchase quantity set

Advantages Explained

Discovering Pro Games Advantages

Skill GamesDistributors can get factory direct sales prices, professional guidance, high-quality and safe software and complete supporting services.

Pro Games will customize and select skill games for them that are suitable for their main business, and help them with pricing and promotion strategies, so that they can quickly establish their own skill game business.

Pro Games not only acts as a skill game developer, but is also responsible for game market prediction, maintenance and skill game promotion services.

We provide high-quality, fun, and fair original skill games, and advocate an environmentally friendly, safe and reliable skill game environment. We hope that the game market will become more compliant and reasonable.

We continue to expand our skill game business and increase our market share, thus driving the development of the skill game industry and making some contributions to the game economic chain.

In addition to enjoying our smooth and fun games, players can also get fair and reasonable competition and privacy protection of personal information.

Pro Games can allow people to decompress and release themselves from the tedious work and life, give their tired bodies and minds a short rest, and find the courage to start anew.

The skill games we develop are very interesting, with high-definition pictures and smooth graphics. The gameplay requires certain skills to challenge successfully, which will give people a better sense of accomplishment and the urge to try.

In fact, Panda Link is our most popular skill game board, because it is very cost-effective. If you buy one, you can get six different games. Both players and merchants like it very much.

In the future, Pro Games will pay more attention to user experience, combine the actual needs of the market, introduce new elements of the technological era, and inject fresh blood into our games.

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